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When considering what type of substrate to use consider something that can be easily cleaned or replaced, cannot be eaten, is not abrasive, and is non-toxic. Most bark substrates are not recommended as the animal may consume it while eating and could lead to impaction/constipation. Wood shavings may have been treated with chemicals that can be toxic or irritating to your reptile. Do not use cat litter or crushed corncobs shavings as substrate as it removes necessary moisture and humidity from your reptile and could cause impaction if consumed. We recommend using rabbit pellets, because they are compressed grass which is a part of most reptiles natural diets.

Ideal Temperatures:

Lizards                                  85 - 95 F

Turtles                                  75 - 85 F

Tortoises                              80 - 85 F

Most reptiles benefit from unfiltered sunlight, even for brief periods, when outside temperature and conditions allow. They should not be left outside unattended and should be provided with shaded area to avoid overheating. UV sunlight is a source of vitamin D3 for your reptile which is needed to absorb calcium from their diet. Lack of vitamin D3 can be a cause of metabolic bone disease. If natural sunlight is not possible, an ultraviolet light should be provided for most lizards that are active in the daytime.



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