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If you're considering adding a pond to your yard, it means you have taken some intrest in the landscaping of your property. Before making the final decision there are a few factors that need to be taken into consideration.

  • Time

    As with anything in life, you will need to make sure you can commit the time to the maintenance and upkeep. You should factor in ATLEAST one day for intial setup or even a weekend project with the family. For general upkeep usually a few hours a week will do, however it wont be something you know until the system has been running for a few months.
  • Effort

    Considering the amount of time and space this project requires are you still willing to commit?
  • Variety

    By building a pond in your yard it creats variety, you are inviting different experiences by welcoming new plants and wildlife to your humble abode. You will also learn new things about the enviornment nd experience them up close.
  • Sanctuary

    One of the rarest things to find is a place you can truely call your sanctuary, a safe place you can goto when you need to escape the stresses of life. By building your own pond you are creating a personal get away, where you can relax listening to the sound of flowing water and sounds of brids in the background, which may prove to be a rather invigorating experiences.


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